Author: Maintenance

12 Noon Update

The recent snow and new grooming have given back some good conditions. Classic Track has been set on A; Yellow; Blue; Ken’s Lane;  Orange & Skate paths are packed.  CAUTION – Ice at start of Causeway!  

New Snow Has Helped!

Some new snow, but, still Spring Skiing Conditions. Skiing on the Flats is best and Use Caution on the Downhills. Watch for Ice at beginning of Causeway and a few other wet/ice spots that can be avoided.  This is probably the last weekend of skiing – ENJOY!

It’s Snowing!!

Snow falling at 8:00 a.m. Groomers are doing a leveling groom….No Classic Track.   Spring skiing conditions – Ski within your ability.  Staying on flats is best – use extra caution on the downhills.  Be aware of some wet/ice spots.  CAUTION: Watch for ice at the start of the Causeway!!

Spring Skiing Continued!

Trails got a leveling groom – No Classic Track set.  Skiing on the Flats is best – Use Caution on the Downhills.  Beware wet/ice spots.  Purple at #12 & #13 remain CLOSED.  Purple accessed from #11 around the Pond.  CAUTION – ICY from Operations Building to start of Causeway!

Spring Skiing!!

Trails got a leveling groom – No Classic track set.  There are a few wet/ice spots to be avoided & Ken’s Lane by the Tower has deep truck ruts – Extra Caution Needed.  Purple CLOSED at #12&13, but, Open around the Pond accessed from #11.